Electrician in Nassau County NY

Family-owned and operated, Bianco Electric is an electrician in Nassau County NY serving the New York metro area for thirty years. Our successful longevity is build on our professionalism and quality of work.  We pride ourselves on being on time and prepared.

Bianco Electric is a New York corporation established in 1986. The company maintains a high-trained and experienced staff that has helped build the brand reputation during the last thirty years.

We're here to serve you with all your electric needs, be it residential or commercial. At Bianco Electric we are local, and have only worked in New York. This makes us very well informed and practiced in dealing with local law, regulations and municipality processes.  We believe that a business is only as good as their last job, so we treat each job like its the first and only job. We treat our customers like a good neighbor, with convenience, courteousness, competence, cleanliness and character.

Time - We respect our customers time without question.
Integrity - We are truthful in all endeavors, including our dealings with customers, employees, vendors, and other stakeholders.

Respect for the Law - We adhere and follow local, state and federal laws in general and rules, regulations and ordinances pertinent to the electric industry in particular.

Excellence - We diagnose, repair, install and service electrical systems and parts in keeping with the highest industry standards.

Safety & Reputation - We maintain a clean and safe work-space when in your home, removing any leftover debris when we're done with the job.

Service - We local, which means we're accessible, and we maintain the highest degree of customer care that has continued to serve us well through the decades.

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