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Diagnose & Repair

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Electric Panels

As the prime conduit that regulates and distributes electricity throughout your property, we evaluate and update outdated or badly wired panels to keep your home safe.


Guaranteed up-to-code materials for new (or repair of) lighting, outlets, switches, accessories, appliances, security and health alarms, heat and air.


Guaranteed up-to-code materials for landscape lighting, accent lighting, pool lighting (and/or Jacuzzi, Saunas) security lights, alarms, generators and pumps.

Our Step by Step Process

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    While you can reach out to us 24/7 for emergencies, it’s best to call during regular hours to arrange for one of our electric specialists to visit your premise.
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    Explain what new you want, or the problems you’re experiencing — like hot receptacles, intermittent power, flickering lights, overloaded circuits, frequent circuit breaker trips, sparks, and other issues.
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    Wiring and Repair

    New construction or repair, we service indoor and outdoor outlets, lighting, appliances, air-conditioning, heat, alarms, generators and more.
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    Code Compliance

    Most Long Island homes fail code requirements. Sometimes there are symptoms in the house, and sometimes not. We use the proper equipment to evaluate what is and isn’t up to code.
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    When something i not up to code, or not operating properly, we upgrade it: main electrical panel, improper grounding, insufficient voltage, insufficient incoming amperage, faulty generator wiring, whether inspired by poor performance or code violations.
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    Every year faulty electrical causes 55,000 fires, 500 deaths, 1,400 injuries, and $1.4 billion a year in property damage according to the Electrical Safety Foundation International. Keep your family safe with annual checkups.

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